Healthy Routines as a Recovery Tool

Part of a successful recovery includes creating healthy routines and habits that provide enough of a reward to make a sober lifestyle worth the effort.

Self-Care in Recovery – Why Where You Live Matters

When you are recovering from a substance use disorder, self-care is critical. But it is difficult to engage in healthy self-care routines when resources are hard to find. That’s why, when it comes to self-care, location matters.

How to Handle the Holidays While in Recovery

The list of ways the holiday season can cause stress is virtually endless. When navigating the holidays while in recovery, the stakes – and the stresses that come with getting through the season – are even higher.

Exploring California’s Natural Wonders, San Diego Style

By tuning into nature and exploring California’s natural wonders, we help our residents attain personal growth and transformation.

Yoga and Addiction Recovery

Mare’s House incorporates regular yoga practice into our program as a way to help build self-esteem, lower stress-causing cortisol levels and improve mood and executive functioning.

The Importance of Community in Recovery

The Mare’s House program is one that relies on structure, schedules and stimulating activities. Our residents are expected to participate in outings, classes and meetings. They are expected to find and maintain employment when ready and are expected to be active during the day, with limited downtime.

Sober Transitional Living

Recovery requires change – big change. Change in thinking, attitude, and worldview, but also change in environment, people and lifestyle. That is why sober transitional living homes can be a good next step for many people on the path to recovery – they provide a safe, supportive space where individuals can rebuild their lives upon a foundation of new, healthy habits, people and routines.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis, or co-occurrence, is when an individual has both a substance use disorder (SUD) and a mental health disorder. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, about half of all people with mental illness also have a SUD, while one-third of all people with a SUD also have a mental health diagnosis.

Art and Music in Recovery

More research is needed to really understand the relationship between art therapy and the ways it may help heal the brain systems that control craving and addiction; but anecdotal evidence, along with the proliferation of art and music therapy programs in recovery indicates that these programs are indeed helpful…

The Importance of Nutrition

In order for transitional living to be an effective step on the path to long-term recovery, it needs to provide comprehensive nutrition education, hands-on instruction on how to maintain a healthy diet, and counseling where necessary. Find out more…