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Yoga and Addiction Recovery


If the intent is long-term sobriety, recovering from a substance use disorder requires far more than merely getting clean and eliminating the substance from one’s life. The physical, emotional, and spiritual damage that can result from substance abuse and addiction is often significant and requires a rebuilding of habits, goals, self-esteem and mindset. The toll that substances can take on bodily processes requires major lifestyle changes and a comprehensive approach to wellness that heals and strengthens body, mind and soul. 

At Mare’s House, we want our residents to be healthy – in all ways. Our program focuses on delivering full-system wellness, and regular yoga practice is an important component. Our residents participate in weekly yoga classes and can take advantage of ample mindfulness and meditation opportunities. 

Restorative on multiple levels, yoga can help build fitness and flexibility, reduce stress and anxiety, provide a way to cope with cravings and triggers, and is an opportunity to share a wellness practice with other like-minded individuals in a safe and supportive environment.  

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As a method for maintaining physical fitness, yoga is a low-impact way to build strength, improve balance and blood flow, increase flexibility and help regulate metabolism. The asanas, or postures, used in yoga types, including Ashtanga and Vinyasa, can help build upper and lower body strength while supporting back and neck muscles, aid in digestion, and can help with chronic conditions including diabetes and hypertension.


Yoga can also be beneficial as a way to help manage triggers and cravings caused by stress, worrying and general tension. Studies have found that regular yoga practice can help lower cortisol, known as the “stress hormone,” with one study showing that yoga lowered stress in their control group at a level on par with antidepressants. Elevated cortisol is also associated with brain fog and anxiety. Because of its impact on cortisol, yoga practice  can result in heightened mental clarity, calmness and improved concentration.

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Low self-esteem and mood disorders are often at the heart of addictive behaviors, which makes yoga particularly useful in recovery. Regular yoga practice has been connected to feelings of higher self-esteem and better emotional regulation in adolescents. Yoga can help improve mood, concentration and memory, all of which contribute to more effective executive functioning and cognitive performance. Consistent long-term yoga practice is also associated with better sleep quality, better oxygen saturation, and fewer sleep disturbances, which leads to a higher level of daytime functioning and coping.


While Mare’s House provides regular on-site yoga classes, one of the benefits of our San Diego location is the ample opportunity to attend yoga classes at the many studios located in the region, as well as numerous free yoga meetups that are available. In La Jolla and surrounding communities, including Encinitas, Pacific Beach, Mission Bay, and others, yoga enthusiasts can attend free beachside yoga classes and classes at other locations that take advantage of the beautiful scenery and near-perfect year-round climate. 

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Mare’s House Provides Full-System Wellness for Lasting Success in Recovery

The combination of physical activity, good nourishing food, a supportive community, and therapeutic interventions result in rehabilitation that has the best chance of success. Our program addresses the many factors that influence an individual’s decision to abuse substances or to abstain. Factors such as sleep, diet, community engagement, self-efficacy and healthy routines all contribute to successful recovery, and we strive to meet our residents’ needs on all fronts.  

If you or someone you love needs help transitioning out of a rehab, wilderness program, detox, or other intervention back into everyday living, we can help.

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