The Mare’s House Philosophy – Come as You Are

It’s Okay to Be Yourself.

At Mare’s House, the number one thing we want our residents to know is that we accept them as they are. It’s okay if you feel broken, and it’s ok if you’re still recovering from past trauma – we’ll be here for you as you build distance between your old life and your new one.

Staying in recovery may be your life’s biggest challenge, and it requires support, personal growth and a deep commitment to the most important person in your life – you.

We know it’s hard because many of our team members are also in recovery. Because we’re farther along the path, we can say from experience – the more love you have for yourself and the more empowered you feel as a decision-maker in your own life, the easier it gets. We’re here to help you develop self-confidence, while also being a source of support and a point of accountability when it feels too hard to go it alone.

You Are More Than Just Your Addiction or Mental Health Concern

We focus on the simultaneous development of the mind, body and soul because we understand that you are more than just your addiction or mental health concern. You are dynamic, versatile and complicated, and your needs can change by the week—our customized, individualized, whole-person care accounts for this reality.

We are here to help our residents learn how to empower themselves and build lives rich with invited experience and filled with opportunity.

  • Our staff is present, tuned in, and available.
  • Our home is clean, peaceful, and safe.
  • Our location provides access to culture, nature, and opportunities for self-improvement.
  • Our support offerings are customizable according to individual needs.

Mare’s House – Sober Living for Women

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