San Diego’s Premier Transitional Living Program for Young Women

Mare’s House is a transitional living program for women ages eighteen to thirty-five who have struggled with substance use and addiction. Qualifying candidates have completed primary treatment, a wilderness program, attended therapeutic boarding school or participated in other intervention. Our residents are looking for a supportive environment to strengthen their recovery, prevent relapse and integrate newly acquired skills into everyday life.

The Mare’s House program is designed to to meet the unique needs of young women looking to regain control of their future. With a focus on sobriety through self care and esteem building, Mare’s House helps women develop the independent living skills necessary for a successful transition into a healthier lifestyle.

The Program

Like life, advancement at Mare’s House is progressive, with challenges, expectations, and responsibilities increasing as members show they can make good, healthy choices.

The Location

Mare’s House is located in the community of La Jolla, a quaint San Diego neighborhood that is home to some of California’s most beautiful coastline—an ideal setting for young women looking for a fresh start.

The Team

We help members set goals and achieve them through an individualized program supported by meaningful peer-to-peer relationships, mentorship, and clinical guidance.

From Addiction to Recovery

Mare’s House is a transitional living program for young women ready to create a sober life. Based on the model used by founder, Alex Zemeckis, MA, during his personal journey from addiction to recovery as a young adult, the foundation of the program is based on intensive mentorship relationships and peer-to-peer accountability. Combined with abundant recreation and work experience, the program follows the simple edict of “work hard, play hard” as both a guiding principle and metaphor for a life in balance.