The Mare’s House Program & What to Expect

Like life, everything at Mare’s House is progressive, with challenges, expectations, and responsibilities increasing as members make healthy choices for themselves.

The Mare’s House program is achievement-based, with four levels that all members progress through. Each level has specific tasks and goals that allow members to increase their level of responsibility, while earning additional privileges and freedoms, including unsupervised time and activities, a weekly allowance, and established trust and accountability. Goals are designed to move members toward increasing independence, personal responsibility, financial freedom, and self-discovery. Each challenge allows members to experience and integrate into their decision-making the daily living skills necessary for independence. Staff guide and challenge members to predict and consider consequences (positive and negative), identify resources, ask for help, improve interpersonal skills, practice problem solving, effectively communicate, demonstrate time management, and engage in healthy decision making.

A Typical Weekly Schedule

Each week, members are required to post their weekly schedule for staff approval. Schedules include work shifts, therapy appointments, sponsor meetings, family calls, and other activities or responsibilities unique to that member. The weekly schedule helps teach time management, accountability, prioritization of responsibilities, organization, and the discipline that comes from the structure, planning, and consistency. Weekly schedules allow staff to guide and support members as they begin to increase responsibilities and develop their transition plans as well as hold them accountable to program expectations.

Clinical Support at Mare’s House

Mare’s House clinical support is collaborative and designed to build whole-person wellness. Registered dieticians provide individualized care, goal setting, and nutrition support. Licensed marriage and family therapists and social workers address family dynamics and the psychological, social and emotional issues that can impede recovery. We focus extensively on the development of healthy boundaries and self-advocacy in order to build esteem and personal empowerment.